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Can Shaped Libbey Snow Globe Glass With Bamboo Lid/w Pre-crafted Hole

Can Shaped Libbey Snow Globe Glass With Bamboo Lid/w Pre-crafted Hole

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These sublimation glass cans are in stock and ready to ship. Each can comes with 1 box, lid and plastic straw.

Clear Beer Shaped Libbey Snow Globe Glass with Pre-Crafted Hole

Size: 12oz, 20oz

Recommended time and temp for sublimation

365 degrees F and 6-minute for an oven
365 degrees F and 50 second for a press

Crystal clear glassware set beautifully showcases popular drinks with this 12/20 ounce glass cup set securely packaged in a shipping box. Wash your Glassware prior to use, Hand wash only.

Safedge rim is chip resistant with normal use. Sure to last with proper care, resulting in fewer replacements and increased safety when serving all drink types in these clear glass can . Classic beer can glasses (3-inch diameter x 6 3/8-inch height)

Lead-free glassware is dishwasher-safe including commercial; tall, straight-sided design is easy to grasp to allow for smooth sipping of water, beer, tea, coffee (iced), or pop with these clear can shaped cups.
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